Application of fiber laser cutting machine in kitchenware

日期:2022-12-13 浏览: 477

At present, kitchen and bathroom supplies are mostly based on stainless steel material, because of its corrosion resistance, beauty and practicality, widely favored by the market, the traditional sheet metal processing process is cumbersome, time-consuming, high labor cost, can not meet the needs of the market. With the laser cutting machine put into use, make kitchen and bathroom supplies manufacturing industry take on a new look. In the process of processing, the stainless steel material cutting and metal surface pattern engraving, can be automatically programmed cutting through the fiber laser cutting machine. Different from traditional processing methods, laser cutting technology has the advantages of high cutting precision, fast cutting speed, smooth cutting end face and no need for secondary processing. In addition, it is very important that laser cutting processing saves a lot of costs for enterprises. Because laser cutting without mold and tool, greatly save the cost of mold opening. And labor costs will be greatly saved, the original ten people to do the work, now one person can cut the material.

Laser cutting technology well meets the needs of kitchen and bathroom products market customization, shorter production cycle, no need to make molds, reduce the time cost of mold opening links consumption, processing surface without burr without secondary processing, no problem can quickly achieve mass production. To 304, 306 stainless steel material, they are widely used in such as range hood panel, fuel panel and other products, the thickness is generally thin, in 3mm, this stainless steel sheet material is suitable for laser cutting, high efficiency, no burr, no secondary processing, making the processing speed of several times. Jinan Huasha Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. is a production, research and development, sales as one of the private technology enterprises.

The company's main products: optical fiber marking machine, optical fiber cutting machine, laser cleaning machine, laser welding machine, CNC plasma cutting machine ,the products are widely used in electronics, sheet metal, packaging printing, advertising, decoration and other fields. The company has always been adhering to the "impress customers with quality, persuade customers with quality, repay customers with quality, retain customers with quality" business purpose, strong equipment quality and advanced service concept has been recognized by customers. 

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