Fiber Laser Field of Technology

日期:2022-12-13 浏览: 469
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      Lasers were first used for cutting back in the 1970s. In recent years, the role of laser cutting machine in the development of the manufacturing industry has become increasingly prominent. A laser cutting machine with advanced technology and powerful functions is a complex system integrating light, machine and electricity. Its practical cutting function is an important guarantee for the realization of high efficiency and high quality plate processing.

      Laser processing technology with a wide range of processed materials, high processing efficiency, high processing precision, small deformation of the workpiece, clean and pollution-free advantages, in the material cutting, welding, additive manufacturing, inkjet marking and other fields are gradually replacing the traditional processing technology, And is widely used in material processing and lithography, communication and optical storage, instruments and sensors, medical and cosmetology, scientific research and military, entertainment and printing and other fields. In addition, laser machining numerical control industry software can also be combined with computer numerical control technology, mechanical automation technology, intelligent laser processing equipment, to achieve the precision machining of different materials, different shapes and different volumes of materials.

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